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Kim's Story

Watch this moving account of one cancer survivor’s story. Kim R. Smith shared her amazing journey toward survivorship at the Groundbreaking Ceremony. Hear it first-hand by watching this 12-minute video.

Bob's Story

First he visited others…then he experienced the Lancaster General difference for himself.

Bob Knox, a resident of New Oxford, had his first introduction to Lancaster General many years ago when he visited long time family friends who were hospitalized.

Bob Knox

"My gift honors those who
have given me quality healthcare
services that demonstrate

– Bob Knox

However, a few years ago, upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, Bob decided to seek care at Lancaster General for himself. He needed a health provider that wasn’t too far away with advanced equipment for radiation – that was Lancaster General. 

Bob also required follow up care for two eye operations and he was referred to Dr. Brod and Dr. Tiedeken, who had offices at the Suburban Outpatient Pavilion. His relationship with Dr. Tiedeken grew and when he needed the services of an internist, he trusted the advice of Dr. Tiedeken and sought care from Dr. Scott at the Suburban Outpatient Pavilion. 

"Each step of the way I have gotten to know my doctors; they really care about me as a patient and as a person. I could have sought care far away at those major medical facilities that everyone knows, but I feel that I have received the same quality of care right here at Lancaster General. I love the Suburban Outpatient Pavilion; everything is under one roof. I can see my doctor, pick up my prescription, visit the Well Spring and get a good book to read, take a walk outside and get my daily exercise and see a highly competent physician in a state-of-the-art facility – it doesn’t get better than that." 

In appreciation for his care, Bob has given back to Lancaster General as a grateful patient. "My gift honors those who have given me quality healthcare services that demonstrate excellence. My investment helps ensure that future patients will receive the same state-of-the-art clinical diagnosis and treatment, and they too won’t have to leave the area for care." 

Linda's Story

"I am proud to invest in a
healthcare system that has
unwavering high standards
for patient care."

– Linda Castagna 

Linda Castagna

"My care at the Lancaster General Orthopedic Hospital was as good as you can get. For years I dealt with pain in my shoulder. On the day when I came to Lancaster General for arthroscopic surgery, my nurse greeted me with a friendly smile.

"My anesthesiologist put me at ease and assured me that I was in competent hands under his care. She took the time to explain everything to me, right down to how I was going to feel when I woke up, as well as what to expect during the recovery period.

"The procedure went perfectly. I have healed and have full use of my shoulder. My entire orthopedic team was wonderful; I felt their true concern for my welfare as the patient.

"As a Lancaster General HealthCare Foundation Board member, I understand the importance of having state-of-the-art medical services like the Lancaster General Orthopedic Center which offers a full range of preventive, diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative services. 

"I am proud to invest in a healthcare system that has unwavering high standards for patient care. Because of the unparalleled medical care I received at Lancaster General, I am assured a better quality of life at work and play, and that makes it easier for me to keep up with my six grandchildren." 

Megan and Todd's Story

Loss. Grief. Hope. Joy. Megan Brown has experienced all four. When her first son, Andrew, was 2 years old, Megan and her husband, Todd Brown decided that he was ready to be a big brother.

Her second pregnancy was uneventful except for a persistent morning sickness. But the day before her second son, Carter, was to arrive, Megan grew increasingly concerned as the baby was not moving.

When they arrived at the hospital, Carter was already gone. 

Megan Brown

"I am taking care
of my child and am
ensuring that his life
has meaning."

– Megan Brown

The Lancaster General Health Women & Babies Hospital team helped the family through this tragic time. Speaking about her nurse, Megan remembers, "She was there with me on my worst day ever."

While the family grieved the loss of Carter, they remained committed to giving Andrew a younger brother or sister. "Family is important to us," Megan says. "We wanted Andrew to have a sibling to grow up with and to share life’s experiences with, along with Todd and me."

The couple faced a tough year ahead. After three miscarriages, countless tests and many tears later, they were losing hope. Even though her doctor, Dr. Kara Jones, assured Megan she could have a healthy baby, Megan was afraid to face more loss.

"Miscarriages are very private. People don’t talk about having them so you think you are the only woman experiencing this devastating loss, which makes it more difficult to handle," Megan says.

It was through talking to others who had miscarriages that gave her the hope she needed. Megan learned her older relative had experienced similar loss with several miscarriages but also was blessed in having two healthy children. Talking with her and others gave Megan the courage and hope she needed to try again.

Recently, after nine months of close monitoring by her doctors at Lancaster General Health Women & Babies Hospital, Andrew’s new brother, Acen, was born.

"I know that I treasure Andrew and Acen that much more and am so grateful for them because I realize the miracle of childbirth, and I know how fragile pregnancy can be. I still grieve my losses, but I am learning to adjust to the life I have been given," Megan shares.

The Browns have channeled their grief into a way to honor Carter. By giving back to Women & Babies Hospital and helping to support other families, the family can heal and remember their son, Carter Brown. Carter’s Corner, located off the lobby of the Women & Babies Hospital, is a special place where siblings can make crafts for the arrival of their new brothers and sisters while their mothers are laboring. By providing for Carter’s Corner, Megan says: "I am taking care of my child and am ensuring that his life has meaning." 

Mary Ann and Gloria's Story

"I have more power
to affect change
than I would
on my own."

– Mary Anne Wassel

Established in 2006, the Women’s Giving Circle of the Lancaster General Health Women & Babies Hospital is a group of women who cooperatively leverage their dollars to make a profound difference in healthcare services provided to women and children.

Each member makes an annual gift of $250, with 100% of the gift being distributed to the project or program the Circle members choose to fund. Grant recipients have a clear plan and method to measure results that improve health and quality of life.

During three meetings each year, the collaborative group have interactive discussions on the physical, mental and financial well-being of women, as well as jointly determining how their funds will provide for change and improvement in women and children’s services.  

Gloria Degler

"I learn about a set of
needs that that I can
immediately impact with
our collective investment."

– Gloria Degler

"I am a member because I get to meet a new set of impressive, accomplished women with vast life experiences, and I learn about a set of needs that that I can immediately impact with our collective investment." Gloria Degler, Women’s Giving Circle member.

"I have more power to affect change than I would on my own," adds fellow Women's Giving Circle member Mary Anne Wassel.


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