Our Executive Leadership


Philip R. Wenger
Vice Chairperson
Joanne B. Ladley
President and Chief Executive Officer
Jan L. Bergen
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary LG Health
Robert P. Macina, Esq.
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
F. Joseph Byorick
Senior Vice President, General Counsel LG Hospital, and Assistant Corporate Secretary LG Health
Margaret F. Costella, Esq.
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Gary R. Davidson
Senior Vice President and Chief Physician Executive
Lee M. Duke, II, MD
Senior Vice President, Women & Babies Hospital
Geoffrey W. Eddowes
Senior Vice President, Quality and Performance Improvement
Norma J. Ferdinand
President, Physician Services
T. Raymond Foley, MD
Chief Human Resources Officer
Alexandra O. Jorgensen
Physician Executive, Quality
Michael R. Ripchinski, MD
Senior Vice President, Hospital Operations
William McCune
Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Lanyce A. Roldan
Senior Vice President, Ambulatory and Physician Services
James A. Stuccio
Senior Vice President, Business Development and Planning
Susan P. Wynne
Senior Vice President, Service Lines and Population Health
Stacey G. Youcis
Vice President, Human Resources
Kay A. Brady
Vice President, Organizational Advancement
Jennifer L. Groff
Vice President, Risk Management and Corporate Compliance
Elizabeth D. Katz
Vice President, Financial Services
Denise A. Kennedy
Vice President, Information Technology Operations
Edward J. Maloney
Vice President, Epic Solutions & Clinical Applications
Cynthia J. Stauffer
Vice President, LG Hospital Operations
Tammy L. Ober
Vice President, Primary Care and Ambulatory Services
Richard D. Paoletti
Vice President, Controller
Douglas W. Rinehart
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Christine M. Stabler, MD