Payments to Local Municipalities & School Districts

Building a healthy community extends beyond providing health care. We support local governments, school districts and community improvement initiatives in addition to caring for those who are medically underserved.

Payment of Property Taxes Throughout Lancaster County
Most properties owned by LG Health and its affiliates (excluding Lancaster General Hospital at 555 N. Duke St., Lancaster, and Women & Babies Hospital at 690 Good Dr., Lancaster) are fully maintained on the tax rolls — even when such properties are used to further our charitable mission, rendering them legally tax-exempt.

This ensures that LG Health pays more than $3.82+ million in additional tax revenue to several local municipalities and school districts.

Annual Payment of Property Taxes Throughout Lancaster County
Tax payments to municipalities
$2.87+ million
Tax payments to school districts
Total = $3.82+ million
Tax Payments to Municipalities
To Lancaster County
To Lancaster City
To East Hempfield Township
To Chester County
To Other Municipalities
TOTAL $956,000
Tax Payments to School Districts
To Hempfield School District
$2.01 million
To School District of Lancaster
To Coatesville Area School District
To Columbia School District
To Warwick School District
To Other School Districts
TOTAL $2.87+ million

Supporting the City of Lancaster

Lancaster General Health continues its direct financial support of Lancaster City government by providing $1.5 million annually in cash. The funding is in addition to what we pay in city property taxes.

Supporting the School District of Lancaster

LG Health’s direct financial support of the School District of Lancaster began more than a decade ago. Today, we provide more than $1.5 million in cash and health services for students of every age, as well as school district employees. The funding is in addition to what we pay in property taxes to the school district. Among other things, our support helps students stay healthy, enhances access to primary health care and provides an entry point toward rewarding careers in health care.

Annual Supports of City and School District of Lancaster
$1.5 million
City of Lancaster
$1.5 million
School District of Lancaster
Total = $3 million