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Every 8 minutes a child is improperly medicated: 5 tips parents need to know

Jennifer Ammons, MD | 10/30/2014

A new study just published in the journal Pediatrics, revealed that more than 63,000 children under the age of 6 experience out-of-hospital medication errors each year. That means every eight minutes a child is improperly medicated. The most common error? Double-dosing, or accidentally giving the same medication twice. Learn 5 ways to keep your child safe. Read more

Pre-diabetes doesn’t have to lead to diabetes: Lifestyle changes that can keep you healthy

James Kelly, MD | 10/27/2014

So you’ve just met with your doctor to review your lab work. Although everything looks good, your blood sugar is slightly elevated to a level that’s considered pre-diabetic. You weren’t quite prepared for this news, and several questions immediately pop into your head. What does this mean? Do I need to start taking medication?

Read more

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