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Talking to your doctor about menopause: Be prepared and don’t be shy

Rosemary Search | 09/30/2014

If you’re going through menopause or the time beforehand known as perimenopause, you may have concerns about the changes to your body and the symptoms this time of life can bring. It’s time to work with your doctor to have all your questions answered.

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Breastfeeding: What's good for baby is good for mom

Gurpinder K. Chatha, MD | 09/29/2014

Breastfeeding is not only good for your baby, it benefits your heart too.

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Hysterectomies with one tiny incision—the latest in robotic surgery

Bryan Yingling, MD | 09/24/2014

There was a time when a hysterectomy meant a large abdominal scar. Then came laparoscopic hysterectomy, performed with three to five tiny incisions to accommodate the instruments. Now, there’s another breakthrough.

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Prostate cancer: New study supports PSA screening to prevent advanced cases

Shanthi Sivendran, MD | 09/22/2014

As we mark National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, yet another study on the PSA test adds to the controversy over the only tool we have to screen for prostate cancer. Read more

Heart failure: Is a revolutionary new treatment near?

Justin Roberts, DO and Lisa Rathman, CRNP | 09/19/2014

If you’re living with heart failure, a breakthrough treatment may be on the horizon if the Food and Drug Administration approves a promising new medication that produced dramatic results in a large international clinical trial. Read more

The diet wars: Low carb vs. low fat

Joseluis Ibarra | 09/15/2014

For losing weight and to improve your heart health, a new study concludes that limiting your carbohydrates works better than limiting your fat intake. Read more

Testing for colorectal cancer without the colonoscopy

Ketan Kulkarni, MD | 09/08/2014

A new noninvasive test to detect colon and rectal cancer is offering hope that more people will be willing to be screened, driving down the rates of these cancers. Cologuard is the first stool DNA colorectal cancer screening test to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Read more

Tips to help your child with asthma go back to school safely

Jennifer Ammons, MD | 09/05/2014

Back-to-school time has arrived again—and if your child has asthma, he or she needs more than just a new backpack and school supplies. Read more

Is losing weight a way to help with a common heart rhythm disorder?

Jill Repoley | 08/25/2014

If you've been living with atrial fibrillation (AF), you’re probably taking medications to control either your heart rate or rhythm and prevent blood clots. A new study seems to imply that losing weight can help too. Read more Read more

Reducing your cancer risk: What you eat makes a difference

Janelle Glick, RD | 08/25/2014

Did you know that making some simple diet and lifestyle changes could greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer? Just remember these A-B-Cs. Read more

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