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“There’s an app for that”—see where mobile medicine is headed

David Lee Scher, M.D., FACC, FHRS, The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health | 07/14/2014

Drew Basse owes his life to PulsePoint, a free mobile health app that alerts users to someone who’s in cardiac arrest nearby. Basse was saved by a firefighter who got an alert on his phone that someone needed cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A map showed the firefighter where Basse was and he ran to help. Read more

Parents: Put your smart phones away during dinner time

Jennifer Ammons | 07/10/2014

Researchers in the Boston area observed parents’ use of technology while families were eating at fast-food restaurants. More than two-thirds of parents used a mobile phone during the meal; one-third used it throughout the meal. Read more

Six tips to prevent falls in the elderly

Dr. Leon S. Kraybill | 06/23/2014

We knew her as Alice, the loveable housekeeper who made sure everything ran smoothly for the Brady Bunch clan, TV’s large blended family of the ‘70s. Ann B. Davis, 88, died recently after falling in her bathroom and hitting her head. She suffered a subdural hematoma and never woke up. Read more

Can you take the challenge of the movie “FED UP” and go sugar-free for 10 days?

Christopher D. Wenger | 06/18/2014

Some facts from the newly released documentary “FED UP” that might astound you: The average American consumed 130 pounds of sugar in 2012. One soda a day increases a child’s risk of obesity by 60 percent? One in three Americans will have diabetes by the year 2050! Read more

Do you have a medical home?

Christopher T. Addis | 06/13/2014

No one enjoys being hospitalized. It’s a frightening and vulnerable experience, but often necessary to restore health. In the Emergency Department, patients often ask me: “Could I have prevented this?” Read more

Start the sports season the right way: Get your child a sports physical

Cynthia Abachnou, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC | 06/06/2014

Is your child attending a summer camp? Or does he or she plan to play a school sport this fall? If so, now is the time to get the necessary sports physical out of the way. Read more

The one thing you can do to protect your child against HPV

Jennifer Ammons | 06/02/2014

If you have adolescent children, make sure they’re vaccinated during adolescence against HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer. The vaccine, which has been licensed for use in the United States for eight years, is recommended for boys and girls starting at age 11. Read more

Surviving cancer: 27 years of progress

Randall Oyer | 05/30/2014

There is life after cancer as 14 million Americans can tell you. These people all have had cancer, and on Sunday, June 1, they will celebrate their survivorship on National Cancer Survivors Day. Read more

Pregnancy got you dizzy? It’s your blood pressure

Kristy L. Whitman | 05/23/2014

Pregnancy doesn’t just make you look different. It changes your cardiovascular system, increases your blood volume, and can lower your blood pressure. None of this is unusual—but low blood pressure is something to watch out for. Read more

Nutrition for runners: How to eat while training for a race

Jacqui Zimmerman, RD | 05/15/2014

As a registered dietitian and runner, I frequently get questions about how to eat while training for a race. Now that I have a few marathons under my belt and lots of trial and error, I’ve found what works best for me. Read more

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