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Category 2 credits and Patient Safety/Risk Management (PS/RM) credits

Category 2 credit hours consist of self-directed learning or courses that have not been through a formal approval process. Please click here for more details on the number of credits needed by MDs and DOs as the requirements differ. The following are some common examples of Category 2 activities:

  • Reading authoritative medical literature
  • Teaching medical students, residents or other health care professionals
  • Research projects
  • Consultations with peers and experts
  • Using non-designated enduring materials


PS/RM credits can be either Category 1 or 2 credits. PS/RM credits must be self-reported by each physician during licensure renewal. While an activity can’t be technically “approved” for PS/RM credits, the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine and ACT 13 have indicated which topics may satisfy the patient safety/risk management requirement:
  • Improving medical records and record keeping
  • Reducing medical errors
  • Professional conduct and ethics
  • Improving communication among physicians and with other health care personnel
  • Communication between physicians and patients
  • Preventive medicine education
  • Health care quality improvement

Note: As long as the CME activity falls within these topics, you can count it toward the patient safety/risk management requirement. The course does not have to state, and very likely may not, that it is a patient safety or risk management course.

Category 2 Reporting template and samples

Below is a reporting template from the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine you can use to keep track of Category 2 credits and PS/RM credits. We have also provided a sample LGH form to help you understand how you might report some of your Category 2 and PM/PS credits:

- Category 2 reporting template PA State Board of Medicine

- LGH sample Category 2 reporting template


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