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Doctoral Psychology Internship

Evaluation Form

Supervisors will submit a semi-annual formal evaluation of the intern’s progress. The evaluations will be required after completion of six months of the internship and again just prior to the completion of the internship. The Director of Training will provide an evaluation form to the supervising psychologist. The supervisor will complete the form, which will be discussed with the intern. Both the supervisor and the intern will sign the evaluation form. Interns will be given the opportunity to respond to any comments made by the supervisor with which they disagree and those responses will be made part of the evaluation. Evaluations should be based on an accurate appraisal of the student’s work. Supervisors are encouraged to observe patient contacts on a regular basis. There should be on going communication between the intern and his/her supervisor throughout the year addressing the intern’s strengths and weaknesses. The results of the semi-annual evaluation should represent the feedback the student has been receiving throughout the year.

The Director of Training will review the evaluations. If the evaluation reveals that an intern is having minor difficulties at the internship site, the Director of Training may; (a) obtain more information from the supervisor, (b) meet with the Manager of Neuropsychology Specialists to discuss the nature of the difficulties, and/or (c) discuss the difficulties with the intern. If an intern appears to have significant difficulties, the following process will be initiated:

  1. The evaluation will be presented to the clinical staff of Neuropsychology Specialists. A preliminary determination will be made as to whether the difficulty appears to be of a long-standing nature or specific to this particular internship site. Contacting the intern’s University Clinical Director may be an option in attempting to determine the scope of the problem, especially if it is suspected that it is of a long-standing nature.
  2. Based on the recommendation of the clinical staff, the Director of Training and the student may be required to develop a remediation plan to address the specific area(s) of difficulty and submit such plan to the clinical staff for review and monitoring. The school’s clinical director will be notified of the areas of difficulty and the proposed remedial plan.
  3. Failure to successfully resolve the area(s) of difficulty could result in an unsatisfactory completion of the internship and/or termination of the internship.
  4. If the Intern fails to complete the internship successfully and termination from the internship is recommended, the Intern can initiate the grievance procedure. 


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