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Healthcare Professionals

Doctoral Psychology Internship

Disciplinary Action and Due Process

Violation of any of the hospital’s rules and regulations or violations of accepted professional standards as noted elsewhere in this manual may result in disciplinary action, which may include the termination of the individual from the internship program. Corrective Action is as follows:

  • I. Initiation of an Investigation

    • A. Whenever a member of the LG Health Physicians Neuropsychology practice, medical staff, or student becomes aware of activities or conduct of any intern which may be considered unprofessional, disruptive, fail to meet the acceptable standard of psychological care, or fail to maintain the standard of conduct required of interns, he/she shall bring the problem to the attention of the practice director within five (5) days, or as soon thereafter as feasible.

    • B. The practice director will notify the training director and may consult with other members of the staff, including the involved intern’s supervisor, other interns and/or LGH employees, administrators, medical staff, as may be necessary to investigate the matter fully.

    • C. The practice director shall notify the involved intern within five (5) business days of the initiation of an investigation of the intern’s conduct.

  • II. Disciplinary Action

    • A. Suspension or Termination

      • 1. In some circumstances, the conduct of an intern may be considered sufficiently serious to warrant suspension or dismissal from the Internship Program. The following are examples of such conduct:

        • a. any action which materially jeopardizes the welfare of patients;

        • b. the use or possession of alcoholic beverages, or the use or possession of illicit controlled substances while on duty or on Hospital property;

        • c. illegal, immoral, dishonest, or unprofessional behavior;

        • d. failure to report to work as assigned, without notification of the proper individuals;

        • e. breach of the intern’s contract with LGH;

        • f. any Category A conduct described in LGH Human Resources Policy HR-104.

      • 2. If the practice director determines that the conduct of the intern is sufficiently serious to warrant a suspension or dismissal from the Internship Program, the practice director shall proceed as follows:

        • a. The practice director shall convene a meeting of the Administrative Committee which consists of the practice director and the director of training in addition to a representative from LGH Administration to discuss the matter, conduct any investigation the Administrative Committee deems appropriate and prepare written findings and recommendations. This meeting shall be held within two (2) business day of the practice director being notified of the intern’s conduct.

        • b. The findings and recommendations of the Administrative Committee shall be given to the involved intern within two (2) business days of the Committee’s meeting.

        • c. In the event that the Administrative Committee recommends that the involved intern be suspended or terminated from the Internship Program, the intern may seek review of the decision as permitted in Section III, below.

    • B. Other disciplinary Action

      • 1. If the conduct of the intern is of a less serious nature than that described in Section II-A above, the training director shall review the matter with the practice director and the intern’s primary supervisor as soon as practicable after being informed of the intern’s conduct. The director of training will then meet with the involved intern and his/her supervisor to discuss the matter. A plan of action will be developed to remedy the situation. Such an action plan may include, but is not limited to:

        • a. informal counseling of the intern by staff member;

        • b. requiring the intern to receive psychological counseling;

        • c. a written reprimand; or

        • d. placing the intern on probation.

      • 2. If the intern does not agree with the action of the director of training, the intern may seek appeal as outlined in Section III, below.

  • III. Intern Appeal Procedure

    • A. General Information

      • 1. The appeal process is established to afford the intern with a procedure to resolve conflicts, disputes, or other disagreements which may result in disciplinary action as described in Section II, A and B or affect an intern’s professional progress. This process is available to all interns being subjected to any disciplinary action including any action taken pursuant to Section II, above.

      • 2. The intern may appeal the decision of the Administrative Committee to the LGH Senior Vice President of Human Resources who is designated by the LGH President/CEO as the final arbiter in the appeals process. The decision of the Senior Vice President will be FINAL AND BINDING upon the parties.

Internship Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures for the training program are available at request of a program applicant. Key policies and procedures are reviewed with interns during orientation, with the policies available for downloading by interns at any point in their training.


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