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Grievance Procedure

In the event there is a grievance against any party associated with the internship (e.g., staff member, supervisor), the intern is encouraged to resolve the issue informally with the party involved. If the intern is unable to satisfactorily resolve the issue or believes he/she needs the assistance of a third party, the intern should proceed through as many of the following steps as may be necessary in order to resolve the problem.

  1. Discuss the issue with the director of training or the director of LG Health Physicians Neuropsychology. At this initial exploratory stage, the student may speak confidentially to either of these members of the Clinical Training Committee to help clarify the problem. In some cases, this contact may be sufficient to resolve the complaint.
  2. If necessary, the director of training or the practice director of LG Health Physicians Neuropsychology may, with the permission of the intern, perform an informal investigation that might include interviewing the parties involved or any party who has evidence concerning the validity of the complaint.
  3. If this informal investigation fails to lead to the resolution of the grievance, the Director of Training or the Manager of LG Health Physicians Neuropsychology will assist the student in formulating a plan of action. This plan of action may take the form of utilizing the formal grievance procedure as outlined below.
  4. If the above procedures are used and are unsuccessful in resolving the complaint, then a formal meeting of the Grievance Panel will review the complaint. Such a review is formal and requires a written complaint on the part of the student. The Grievance Panel is composed of the Manager of LG Health Physicians Neuropsychology, the Director of Training, the Senior Vice President of Clinical Services at LGH, and the intern’s supervisor. If the supervisor is already on the Panel, a member will be chosen from the hospital staff. The Grievance Panel will meet within five (5) working days of the complaint and will render a decision about the complaint that will be communicated in writing to all parties involved.
  5. If the student would like to appeal the decision of the Grievance Panel the student may make a final appeal to the Human Resources Senior Vice President who is the FINAL ARBITER. Within five (5) working days after receiving the written appeal by the student, the Senior Vice President shall respond in writing to the complainant. The Human Resources Senior Vice President is designated by the Lancaster General President/Chief Executive Officer as the final arbiter in the complaint system. All decisions are considered FINAL AND BINDING upon the parties.


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