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Healthcare Professionals

Doctoral Psychology Internship

Training Goals, Objectives and Competencies

The six goals to be achieved by the completion of the Training Program year along with objectives expected of the intern are summarized below:

Goal #1

To prepare the psychology intern as an entry-level practitioner with knowledge, skills, and abilities to practice professional psychology. Our aim is to train residents to have intermediate to advanced skills in the areas of productive professional relationship skill building, diagnostic interviewing, psychological/neuropsychological assessment, short-term psychotherapy and intervention, consultation-liaison services, and working in a multi-disciplinary setting with the provision of supervision.

Objective A: Develop productive and professional relationships in the practice of psychology.

Objective B: Complete competent psychological/neuropsychological assessments, diagnosis, and case conceptualization.

Objective C: Treat a variety of psychological disorders and promote health and well being with short-term psychotherapy and intervention.

Objective D: Conduct appropriate consultation-liaison service within hospital setting.

Objective E: Work effectively in a multidisciplinary setting with provision of supervision.

Goal #2

To develop the ability to provide clinical services to diverse populations.

Objective A: Interns will be aware of their own cultural values and how their particular culture’s representation influences the therapeutic relationship and work with diverse clients.

Objective B: Interns will be aware of normal psychological functioning and psychopathological functioning presentations for persons of minority culture.

Objective C: Appreciate how cultural and individual differences affect performance on psychological tests and measures.

Goal #3

To develop an ethical and legally responsible framework by which the psychology intern will practice his/her clinical skills.

Objective A: Knowledge of ethical/professional codes, standards, and guidelines; knowledge of statutes, rules, regulations, and case law relevant to the practice of psychology.

Objective B: Interns will recognize and analyze ethical, legal, and professional conduct.

Objective C: Practice ethical, legal, and professional psychological principles and codes.

Goal #4

Interns will be able to provide competent supervision in a clinical setting.

Objective A: Knowledge based supervisory and teaching skills.

Objective B: Practice based supervisory and teaching skills

Goal #5

Prepare interns to understand and develop administrative, management, and supervision skills while understanding personal boundaries of competence as a provider of health care.

Objective A: Management and administrative leadership skills.

Objective B: Reflective practice and self-assessment.

Goal #6

To integrate and apply scientific knowledge, methods, research, and evaluation into the clinical practice of psychology.

Objective A: Scientific knowledge and methods

Objective B: Research and evaluation


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