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Healthcare Professionals

Post-Graduate Year 1 (PGY-1) Residency Program

Required Longitudinal Experiences

Ambulatory Care Learning Experience

This rotation focuses on the provision of pharmaceutical care to patients at our ambulatory practices with a pharmacist embedded in the practice site. The resident will have the opportunity to meet with patients face to face for medication education and chronic disease state management through use of collaborative practice agreements. A majority of the time will be spent on anticoagulation management. However, the resident will develop familiarity with many of the common chronic disease states that are seen in the outpatient setting (i.e.: diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, venous thromboembolism, atrial fibrillation, asthma, COPD). The resident will also have the opportunity to educate other healthcare professionals and most importantly, patients. 

Drug Information / Medication Use Policy Learning Experience

Lancaster General’s Drug Information/Medication Use Policy learning experience is a yearlong longitudinal rotation that exposes the resident to all aspects of the development of medication related policies and procedures and the evaluation of medications for Formulary reviews. The resident will also be actively involved in performing a Medication Use Evaluation and in providing ongoing drug information. Opportunities will be provided for the resident to make formal presentations at Formulary and Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee meetings.

Pharmacy Services - Operations

The Pharmacy Services - Operations learning experience is longitudinal learning experience for pharmacy PGY-1 residents. This learning experience will cover the provision of pharmaceutical services to all patients at LG Health. The focus is on the medication use process including, but not limited to: computerized provider order entry, order verification, preparation, distribution, and monitoring of medications. Following orientation, the resident will be responsible for all duties assigned to the position the resident is assigned. The resident will verify, prepare and dispense medications following existing standards of practice as well as LG Health’s policies and procedures. Each resident will fulfill this requirement by completing the following hour requirement: one evening shift every 3rd week; one weekend every 3rd week (or its equivalent); and a four-hour IV room component each month.

Pharmacy Services – Clinical

The Pharmacy Services - Operations learning experience is longitudinal learning experience for pharmacy PGY-1 residents. This learning experience complements the Pharmacy Services – Operations learning experience and the two major areas of focus are Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Rapid Administration of Antimicrobials by Infectious Diseases Specialist (RAIDS).

Research Project

The research project learning experience is intended to expose the resident to learn the essential points of research design and develop the resident’s skills in research techniques. Throughout the longitudinal rotation the resident will work to design, develop and implement a research project.

Education & Professional Development

The Education and Professional Development learning experience is a 12-month, longitudinal Learning Experience for PGY-1 residents. The purpose of this learning experience is to ensure that the resident throughout the PGY-1 residency year is effectively employing the appropriate preceptor roles when engaged in teaching the appropriate stakeholder, provide effective medication (practice-related) education to patients, HCP, students and the public as well as developing the necessary skill of self-evaluation and personal performance improvement. This learning experience will encompass (but is not limited to): formal/informal presentations, journal clubs, pharmacotherapy grand rounds, morning report, in-services, case presentations, layered learning models with other healthcare professionals, including students. While some of these may be associated with activities on alternative learning experiences, the resident will be evaluated longitudinally on these specific goals/objectives that may be touched upon in the summative or formative feedback relative to that learning experience.


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