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Healthcare Professionals / Progress Notes / LG Health News / Improvement in patient care: New endoscopy system makes images immediately available to all provider

Improvement in patient care: New endoscopy system makes images immediately available to all providers
5/10/2012 – An upgrade to our electronic health record system means that pictures of endoscopies and bronchoscopies are immediately available to all providers. In the past, providers had to wait five to seven days after discharge for the pictures and physician's dictated report to be scanned in. The quicker turnaround has many benefits including improved patient care and safety and greater physician satisfaction.

The new application, which is integrated with the e-Health electronic health record system, went live at LG Health's endoscopy unit at Lancaster General Hospital in March. It will also be installed later this summer in the physician practices of both Lancaster Gastroenterology, Inc. and Regional Gastroenterology Associates of Lancaster.

The improved turnaround puts a more complete report at the physician's finger tips as both images and the physician notes are immediately available upon completion of the procedure.
It's more convenient for primary care and referring providers since they don't have to wait for pertinent information on their patient.

Gastroenterologists see a benefit from a more streamlined documentation process that allows them to predefine typical procedure note documentation and frequently used content for complex procedures. GI preferences make it more efficient to capture quality indicators by reducing the number of mouse-clicks required to capture information. Another bonus is the system automatically generates patient instructions automatically.

"My assessment is that the new system is phenomenal. It has taken us another step forward in patient care," said Mark H. Johnston, MD, with LGI.  "In the old days, if a person came in to the ER with bleeding a few days after a polypectomy, it would be difficult to really know what was going on with the patient because the information wasn't available right away. Now we have the reports and image available in real time and can thus treat the patient more effectively."

Ketan G. Kulkarni, MD, with RGAL is "excited about the system because it improves the way we take care of patients and how we share information among physicians and other providers." Besides the benefits of being more efficient and easy to use, "it puts us a step ahead in tracking quality indicators, thereby allowing us to see if we are performing procedures effectively. We will be able to go back through the data to see how well we are doing and where we need to improve."

Both Drs. Johnston and Kulkarni laud the patient benefits and are eager for the system to be installed in their physician practices.

Mark H. Johnston, MD Ketan G. Kulkarni, MD 

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