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New law allows greater flexibility for physician assistants

Countersignature changes enhance the physician and physician assistant team by improving efficiency without compromising the delivery of high-quality patient care.

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LGH completes Joint Commission accreditation

Providers should pay continued attention to three standards: read back and verify critical values, history and physical, and completed consents.

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Breast cancer screening recommendations cause confusion

Daleela Dodge, M.D., says despite recent changes to guidelines, breast self-exams and clinical breast exams save lives.

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Valuable medical appointment costs nothing for older adults

An Annual Wellness Visit, a free benefit for all Medicare beneficiaries, often leads to identifying issues not discussed during a routine office visit.

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The Universal Protocol prevents wrong person, procedure and site surgeries

The protocol emphasizes patient identification and pre-procedure verification, site marking and the time-out process.

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Updated sepsis definition focuses on ‘life-threatening organ dysfunction’

Old definition – tied to inflammatory changes – often led to overdiagnosis of the condition.

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Have a patient safety concern? Find out who to call

There are numerous ways to report issues or concerns involving compliance, patient safety or a specific case.

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Physician Advisors will review all Medicare inpatient cases discharged after one midnight

All admitting providers should remain diligent about outlining medical necessity for hospitalization and reasons for expecting at least two full days of hospital care.

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Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee news: Vasopressin removed from code trays

Also: Providers asked to limit utilization of fentanyl and hydromorphone PCAs to patients with documented allergy/intolerance to morphine.

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