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Addictions medicine expert: Prescribing opiates presents formidable challenges for front-line physicians

LGHP task force offers treatment guidelines, physician education and advice for managing chronic-pain patients.

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Sickle-cell anemia pain crises take a toll on patients – and clinicians

Task force educates physicians on care for the chronic condition, which requires lengthy hospital stays and high doses of opiates.

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May Documentation Tip Sheet: excisional debridement

Be specific. Excisional (vs. non-excisional) debridement results in higher reimbursement because it’s considered a surgical procedure.

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How you can help decrease central line infections

Newly formed task force asks providers to evaluate lines on a daily basis to determine necessity. Also: New “Hy5” campaign will encourage hand hygiene vigilance for everyone.

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Know your numbers: Crimson gives physicians easy access to important patient-care data

User-friendly application identifies possible areas to improve performance and documentation.

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Physicians: Learn to speak the ‘language’ that coders and payers recognize

This month’s tip sheet covers proper documentation of malnutrition.

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Hospital revises policy on Range Orders for Medications

New policy aims to give clear guidance to nurses when providers order a dosage range.

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LGHP task force adopts new lipid-management guidelines

Recommendations aim to help physicians and other providers better assess patient needs and make appropriate referrals.

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How good is your documentation?

Tip sheet on pneumonia will help improve your profile.

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