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Schools and employers often require a physical examination as a condition of attendance or participation in sports, work or other activities. This is to determine whether you are healthy and fit enough to participate in the activity. Specific requirements are different, depending on the reason for the physical. Most physicals will include a general exam, checking your height, weight, heart and blood pressure, and a medical history.

School/sports physicals

A physical for school might include a tuberculosis (TB) skin test and a check to ensure that required immunizations are current. Your doctor is familiar with current Pennsylvania Department of Health requirements for school physicals and Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Associate requirements for pre-participation sports physicals.

Pre-employment physicals

The specifics of a work physical depend on job requirements. In addition to the general exam, a work physical might include a tuberculosis (TB) skin test, urinalysis for drug and alcohol screening, a chest X-ray or other tests.


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