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Fracture Care

Falls, blows and even repetitive stresses can cause a bone to break. This break is called a fracture. Children are at high risk of broken bones because their bones are soft. The elderly are also at risk because their bones may be more brittle. We can examine broken and dislocated bones, and in many cases, we can care for them right in our office.

Examining the injury

It can be difficult to differentiate between a dislocation and a fracture. Both are very painful. We’ll examine the injury and take X-rays to diagnose the problem and, if it is a fracture, to assess the extent of the damage.

Treating the fracture

For simple fractures, we will set the bone. Depending on which bone is broken, and how much swelling we find, we will stabilize the fracture with a cast or splint so it can heal properly. If the fracture is more complex - for example, if the bone is broken in several places, if the soft tissues around the fracture are severely damaged or the bone has broken through the skin - we will stabilize the injury and refer you to appropriate specialists for additional treatment and surgery if necessary.


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