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Prenatal & Delivery Care

Our goal is to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and get your baby off to a healthy start. That starts with making sure you get the care you need throughout your pregnancy. As soon as you find out your pregnant, talk to us about prenatal care and planning for delivery.

We’ll want to see you regularly

We’ll establish regular visits, with increasing frequency the closer you are to your due date. At these visits, we’ll check your weight and blood pressure and do lab tests to identify any potential risks. We’ll do fetal heart rate checks and prenatal screenings. We’ll also address any problems or discomfort you may be having, and talk about nutrition, exercise and your overall health. It’s all to make sure you’re prepared to deliver a healthy baby.

Special delivery

More than 4,000 babies a year are born at Women & Babies Hospital - more than at any other hospital in Lancaster County. Women & Babies Hospital offers spacious labor-and-delivery rooms with whirlpool tubs; nearby surgical suites for cesarean births; the county’s only Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU); and a couplet care unit where new mothers, babies and their families enjoy the first days of their new life together.

Learn more about the importance of prenatal care


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