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Radiology Services

If you suspect a broken bone, we can take an X-ray image right at our location. We can also take X-rays that your doctor has recommended in order to evaluate your medical condition. You can make an appointment, but there is no need. As long as our office is open, we can fit you in. It’s comfortable and it’s convenient. We use the latest techniques, and our facilities and staff are licensed and certified, so you know you are in the hands of experts. Physicians from Lancaster Radiology Associates review and interpret your results promptly.

Call your family practice to learn more about the X-ray services available on-site.

Schedule your X-ray appointments and skip the wait

You can now schedule your X-ray appointments at a variety of locations. Simply choose a location and call for a time that is convenient for you. Please call (717) 544-5941 or toll-free (877) 643-7518 at least 24 hours in advance of when you’d like your appointment.


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Address & Hours

Walter L. Aument Family Health Center

317 Chestnut Street

Quarryville, PA 17566

Phone: (717) 786-7383

Fax: (717) 786-8635

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Sunday: Closed

After hours please call 717-786-7383.


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