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Diagnosis and management

Memory loss or dementia may have many causes. We work with older adults to determine whether the dementia is related to depression, injury, Alzheimer’s disease or another cause, and then we develop an individualized plan to help maintain or improve function.

A wide range of diagnostic tools

No single test can diagnose dementia. Initially, we use a combination of medical history, physical and neurological exams, as well as mental status testing. We may also use diagnostic imaging to look at the brain. Lancaster General Health is one of the few centers in the region to offer NeuroQ PET imaging technology for early diagnosis and treatment of patients with dementia. We also offer access to the LG Health Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Program.

Options for management

Depending on the underlying cause, medication may be helpful. We can work with the patient and family caregivers on techniques and strategies to help the person with dementia live safely and independently as long as possible.


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