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Chronic Pain Management

When you are injured or have certain illnesses, nerve cells send pain messages to the brain. Some pain is acute, or temporary, and it goes away when the injury heals or the illness is treated. Sometimes pain becomes chronic. It lasts for months or years, even after the underlying problem is resolved. It can interfere with work and quality of life. Sometimes it becomes linked with sleeplessness and/or depression, which can worsen the pain. It’s important to manage the pain cycle to prevent this downward spiral.

Attacking pain from all angles

Successful management of chronic pain often requires a multidisciplinary approach that considers physical and social/emotional factors. Depending on you and the source of your pain, your individualized pain management plan might include over-the-counter and/or prescription medication, physical and/or occupational therapy, heat and cold treatments, electrical stimulation of the nerve endings and nerve blocks. It might also include emotional and psychological support, including stress management and relaxation training, psychotherapy, biofeedback and other techniques to help you control your pain. You may also benefit from participating in our chronic pain group treatment program.

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