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Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Whenever possible we use minimally invasive surgical techniques, which require smaller incisions than open surgery. A minimally invasive approach can reduce pain and speed healing. Minimally invasive options are available to many patients facing surgery.


One minimally invasive option is laparoscopy. A thin tube is inserted through the incision, and a camera inside the tube allows the doctor to see inside the body. The doctor may use carbon dioxide gas to expand your abdomen and provide more working room. The doctor may make additional small incisions to provide access for other surgical instruments. Laparoscopy is effective for many routine procedures.

Robotic surgery

The da Vinci® Surgical System allows us to operate with exceptional precision and control while making significantly smaller incisions, resulting in less blood loss, reduced pain and faster recovery. Our da Vinci® surgeons are highly trained and supported by an experienced team of nurses and technicians who know the system. The da Vinci® system is used for several types of surgery, including cardiothoracic, gynecologic, urologic and general surgery.

Convenient locations close to home

We perform outpatient, or same-day, surgeries at Lancaster General Hospital, Women & Babies Hospital and at the Suburban Outpatient Pavilion. If your surgery requires a hospital stay, we perform inpatient surgery at Lancaster General Hospital and Women & Babies Hospital.


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