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Childhood Asthma

Asthma is the most common chronic disease in childhood, affecting 10-15% of all children.  Asthma is a lung condition that causes irritation and swelling (inflammation) of the lining of the airways in your lungs. 

The inflammation causes wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath.  Asthma can be a chronic problem, which means you may have it the rest of your life. You may start coughing or wheezing when you breath in irritants or something you are allergic to.

Examples of irritants are infections, exercise, cold air, chemicals, perfume, and second hand smoke.  Examples of things you might be allergic to (called allergens) are dust, pollen, molds, foods (such as peanuts), and animal dander.

It is very important to get prompt treatment for asthma and to learn to manage your asthma so you can live a healthy, active life.  

How does asthma happen? 

When you have a new cold, exercise or allergens irritates your lungs:

  • Your airway passages get more swollen.  They start to make more mucus than you need.

  • When this happens, there is less room for air to move in and out. 

  • The muscles in the airways start to tighten and you feel tight in the chest and short of breath. 

  • Cough is usually your first symptom and wheezing will appear later. 

How is asthma treated?

With appropriate asthma treatment, you should be able to live a normal, active life.  Your child should be able to participate in all activities and sports.  Stay away from or reduce triggers that make it hard for you to breathe.

The most common triggers are respiratory infections but the most controllable trigger is to avoid exposure to cigarette smoke in the house or car. 

There are two different types of medicines for asthma.

Quick-relief medicines help open your airways so more air can move in and out.  Quick-relief medicines are used to treat asthma attacks.  They are called rescue medicines because they act fast.  You should always have a quick-relief medicine with you, in case you start coughing or wheezing.

  • Albuterol/Levalbuterol inhalers are quick-relief medicines that are most commonly used.

  • Controller medicines help keep the airways from swelling and mucous production.  These drugs cannot be used to stop an asthma attack after you have started wheezing.  Instead they are taken every day to prevent asthma attacks.

  • Oral steroids are used for acute asthma only.  They are the strongest medication we have for airway swelling.  Our goal is to minimize use of oral steroids by controlling your asthma every day.

Be sure you know how to use your inhaler the right way.  Always use your spacer with your inhaler.  You will receive only 10% of your medication when putting the inhaler directly in your mouth.  

How do I care for my Child's Asthma?

  • Continue your medicines exactly as your healthcare provider tells you. 

  • Keep your checkup appointments as recommended.

  • Get a Flu vaccine every year.

  • Know your triggers, for children it is infections, secondhand smoke and allergens.  For adults allergies and smoking are the most common triggers.

  • Stay away from smoke and strong odors that cause an asthma attack.  

    If one or both parents smoke we strongly advise you quit and keep a smoke free home. 

  • Parents should never smoke in the house or car.

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