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The doctors and staff at LG Health Physicians Podiatry use the latest technology and equipment to diagnose, treat and prevent foot and ankle conditions. Here are some of the services we offer:

Healthy foot and ankle maintenance

We help you take care of one of the most important, and often overlooked, parts of your body. It’s always best to take action to prevent problems before they happen.

Diabetic foot care

People with diabetes are at increased risk for developing foot problems and infections in the legs and feet. We’ll help keep you on track with preventive strategies, wellness tips, and timely treatment should a problem occur.

Foot trauma

We are experienced in providing care for injuries of the foot and ankle including sprains, tendon injuries and broken bones.

Sports medicine

If you have a foot problem, it can be beneficial to talk to us before hitting the court, field or track. And if you suffer an injury, we’re here to help get you get back in the game.

Foot and ankle surgery

We are trained to surgically treat a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions ranging from ingrown toenails to ruptured tendons. We perform surgeries in our office or at Lancaster General Hospital, depending on the procedure and your preference.

Arthroscopic surgery

Our advanced training allows us to offer you this specialized approach where we are able to view, diagnose and treat problems inside a joint. Arthroscopy is especially effective for cartilage injuries and osteoarthritis.

Wound care

Wounds from a traumatic foot or ankle injury or as a result of diabetes can be difficult to heal.  Our approach includes unique therapies, like Vacuum Assisted Closure to facilitate the wound healing process.

Custom orthotics

Used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions such as heel pain, tendinitis, shin splints and postural symptoms.

Diagnostic ultrasound

Ultrasound can be helpful in safely diagnosing a variety of foot and ankle conditions.

Treatment for children

Foot and ankle problems aren’t limited to adults. We treat children of all ages, commonly addressing conditions like warts, ingrown toenails, heel pain, and sports injuries.


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