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Our Providers

John D. Affuso, MD, FACS

“Taking care of surgical patients is an amazing responsibility and one which I truly enjoy. Each individual comes to me with different needs and I take the whole circumstance into account when tailoring a specific treatment. The field of medicine is changing at a rapid pace and I take pleasure in being able to offer the latest treatments to my patients. There is no greater honor than facilitating patients on their journeys to being well.”

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Frederick C. Beyer, III, MD, FACS

"I have been very fortunate to meet and participate in the care of many different people during my career. No two patients - not the problem they come to me with nor their personal lives - are the same. For me, helping people find the best solution for their unique situation is an important challenge. Care for others as you would want for yourself or your loved-ones."

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Edward T. Chory, MD, FACS

"I am inspired by my patients on a daily basis. It is a privilege and humbling responsibility to provide compassionate surgical care to each and every patient. I want each one to feel like family as well as comfortable and confident that they are in good hands and will receive the best care possible.”

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Meghan Dermody, MD, FACS

"Medical education today focuses a great deal on incorporating the entire patient in healthcare decision-making, from religious beliefs to personal autonomy. I enjoy educating patients on their specific disease process and consulting with them on the surgical options. Paying close attention to every detail and desire is extremely important for optimal care.  I am humbled by the opportunity to help each individual and their families through their difficult time and strive to provide them with the dignity they deserve."

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Michael S. Flood, MD, FACS

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Fiona M. Gaunay, MD

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Frederick J. Heinle, Jr., MD, FACS

“I try to keep the following as my compass in treating patients: It is a privilege to be entrusted with the healthcare of another human being. Treat patients the way you or your family would like to be treated. Be amazed at the faith and courage of your patients.”

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Walid M. Hesham, MD

"I am astounded by how patients are expected to navigate today’s complex health system given the ever-increasing advances in medicine. I believe that educating patients about their treatment options is truly a great responsibility, one that requires compassion, respect, and hope. I take pride in being an honest and straightforward communicator, and feel humbled to be a part of this team."

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Zachary A. Ichter, DO

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Dr. Janke

Kelly Jo Janke, DO

"There is no greater privilege than a patient trusting me for their care. My career in surgery is more than a job, it is a calling. I strive daily to provide excellent, compassionate care to my patients. I am humbled by the strength it takes for someone to seek my opinion about a health concern. I aim to guide patients through the difficult process of making an educated choice about the best treatment option for them. If surgery is a necessary part of that treatment, my goal is to provide a safe operation with a successful recovery and improvement in quality of life."

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Stacey L. Mazzacco, MD, FACS

"My philosophy of patient care revolves around a core of perfectionism. I demand the best of myself every day to provide quality, compassionate, individualized care."

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Paul G. Newman, MD, FACS

“When people present to my office with a surgical problem, I am always struck by how much courage and trust it takes them to come in and be told they need surgery. I consider that an awesome responsibility, and I always envision how I would want my loved one to be treated if he or she were in the same situation. I, therefore, try to approach every encounter with compassion, respect and a little humor. There are so many new and exciting prospects in medicine right now. I am particularly excited and passionate about minimally invasive surgery and, specifically, robotic surgery, which holds the promise of the same or better outcomes with less pain and shorter recovery times.”

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Steven L. Parker, MD, FACS

"Being entrusted with a patient's medical care is a responsibility that I hold in the highest regard. Having to have an operation often has an emotional impact on patients and families, and information is critically important in allaying fears. I strive to listen with compassion, provide information with clarity, and deliver skillful care to patients in the way that I would want for my own family. It is a privilege for me to have the opportunity to provide healthcare to the residents of our community."

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Joseph F. Voystock, MD

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Amanda Achenbach, PA-C


Evan Knappenberger, PA-C


Ashley Matlack, PA-C

"I think it is of the upmost importance to not only treat the disease but to treat the patient. I strive to provide excellent individualized care to our surgical patients via a compassionate and team based approach."


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Surgical Group

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