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Benign and Malignant Breast Disease Care

Age, hormone levels, medications and some disease processes all can cause changes to breast tissue. Not all breast lumps are cancerous, but it can be difficult to determine which breast changes are harmless and which may be a sign of a more serious problem. In addition to regular breast self examinations, regular breast examinations by a physician can help identify and diagnose breast changes early.

Benign breast changes

Many conditions can cause breast changes, including fluid-filled lumps called cysts, or solid rubbery lumps called fibroadenomas. Fibrocystic breast disease is not a disease at all, but a condition that can cause breast lumpiness and tenderness, usually in association with the menstrual cycle.

Evaluating suspicious lumps

In addition to performing a manual breast exam, your doctor can recommend a schedule for screening mammograms, which can detect breast changes that are too small to be felt. Should a change require further evaluation, your physician can draw on all the breast health resources of Lancaster General Health.

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