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Breast Surgery

Surgery may be necessary to diagnose and treat both cancerous and non-cancerous breast diseases. We are experienced with a full range of procedures, from simple needle biopsies to sample breast tissue cells, to mastectomy to prevent cancer from spreading.

Surgery for benign breast disease

We offer surgery for non-cancerous breast conditions such as fibrocystic breasts, fibroadenomas and breast cysts. Cysts are fluid-filled lumps. Needle biopsy can aspirate, or remove, the fluid from cysts and confirm that they are cysts, not tumors. Fibroadenomas are solid lumps. Depending on results of your clinical breast exam and mammogram, you and your doctor may choose to monitor the lump or remove it. During a lumpectomy, also called an excisional biopsy, we can remove the lump to determine whether it is a fibroadenoma or cancer.

Surgery for breast cancer

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, we work with you and your oncology team to determine the best surgical approach. Depending on the extent of the cancer, we may perform a lumpectomy to remove the lump and some healthy tissue around it, or we may perform a partial or total mastectomy, removing part or all of the breast. In some cases, we may also remove all or some of the underarm lymph nodes.

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