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Blood Donor Center

Blood Donor Center

LGH Blood Donor Center

The need for blood and platelets is constant.  At this time of year there is an increase in the need for blood and a decrease in donations.

The LGH Blood donor center supplies the blood product needs for Lancaster General Hospital and Ann B Barshinger Cancer Institute.

Blood and platelets are used for traumas, babies, heart surgeries, and cancer patients.

For example: In one month 663 units of red blood cells were transfused and 61 platelets were Ann B Barshinger Cancer Institute, LGH, Cardio-thoracic surgery, and Women’s and Babies’ hospital.

Find the Hero in you

There is a hero inside each of us, ready to make a difference when others need our help.  When you donate blood or platelets you are a hero, and you can get that feeling over and over again throughout the year. Think about how the people who needed those donations feel about you. You are, without a doubt, a hero to them.

To find the hero in you, simply call The Lancaster General Blood Donor Center to schedule an appointment 544-0170 or visit a blood drive in your area.

The LG Blood Donor Center has exciting News….Open 5 days AND Self Scheduling

New Hours: Monday 10-7:30pm, Tuesday 8-4pm, Wednesday 8-6pm, Thursday 8-4pm and Friday 8-6pm

To schedule an appointment at the donor center call 544-0170 and choose option #1, or schedule through our classes and events page.


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