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Donation Process

  1. Medical Questionnaire:
    When you arrive to donate blood you will fill out a health history form about your past illnesses and medications you are taking, which will be reviewed by a nurse.
  2. Mini Physical:
    The nurse will check your pulse, hematocrit, blood pressure and temperature.
  3. Donating:
    After you’ve been cleared to donate, you will spend 10–12 minutes in a comfortable reclining chair while blood is drawn from a vein in your arm into a bag.

    6 extra tubes of blood are collected and sent to our lab for screening.
    • 1 tube is used to test your platelet count.
    • 4 tubes are used to screen your blood for infectious diseases and to type your blood and antibodies.
    • The final tube is stored for 72 hours. It is available if additional testing is needed.
  4. A computer clears all tests in current and previous donations. A label is printed with the blood type and expiration date. Blood lasts for 42 days.
  5. 48-72 hours after the donation, the blood is available to be used by Lancaster General Health.

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