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Cancer Risk Evaluation

Risk Assessment and Genetic Testing

If a relative has been diagnosed with cancer at a young age, or you have multiple family members with cancer, you may want to complete a risk assessment or ask your doctor whether you might be eligible for genetic testing. Genetic testing can help you better understand your risk of developing a similar cancer.

Our Cancer Risk Evaluation Program (CREP) is a special service available for individuals who want information about their risk for inherited cancers.

We offer risk evaluation for inherited or familial cancers:

About the Cancer Risk Evaluation Program

Program participants work closely with genetic counselors, who provide education, support and valuable resources. The program:

  • Reviews your family history, medical history, and lifestyle risk factors.
  • Explains genetic testing to help with your decision-making if this option is recommended.
  • Provides a written summary of your level of risk.
  • Outlines a plan for continued monitoring to help protect your health.
  • Evaluates your eligibility to participate in research studies.

The program also provides information for those individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and want to know about the role of genetics in their diagnosis.

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is offered to people with a personal or strong family historic of specific cancers. It helps determine whether they were born with a gene mutation that places them at a higher risk of developing cancer. For people who are eligible, genetic testing involves blood tests performed by a commercial laboratory.

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