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Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute

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Oncology Infusion Center

Chemotherapy at the Oncology Infusion Center

What you need to know about infusion therapy

Chemotherapy infusions for cancer treatment aren’t like the medications you get in the drugstore. Each dose of infusion therapy is made just for you on the day you visit.

  • Each dose is specific to you. Your doctor determines the appropriate drugs and doses based on your health status, blood work, and other factors. These may change from one visit to the next, so we can’t prepare your infusion in advance.
  • Following the “recipe” is critical. With these powerful drugs, the pharmacist must be 100-percent accurate when preparing your infusion.
  • Each dose must be sterile. Using sterile supplies and aseptic, or germ-free, techniques helps keep your infusion free of germs.
  • Infusion drugs require careful handling. Contact with these drugs may be harmful to anyone who is not supposed to receive them.

Infusion safety steps

You may see your doctor before or the day of your visit to the infusion center. After your doctor orders an infusion, here’s what happens:

  • The nurse assesses you to make sure you are well enough to receive an infusion.
  • The nurse reviews and releases the doctor’s infusion order to the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacist reviews the infusion order for accuracy, completeness, and appropriateness.
  • If your order requires clarification, the nurse and the pharmacist will collaborate, and may contact your doctor.
  • The pharmacist verifies the infusion order and then transmits it electronically to the DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager system.
  • At the Ann B Barshinger Cancer Institute Pharmacy, the advanced DoseEdge system guides the pharmacy technician through the infusion preparation process to reduce the chance of preparation errors, using barcode verification and digital photography imaging for added safety checks. The technicians prepare the infusions in a sterile environment for their safety and for yours.
  • The pharmacist checks the prepared infusion to make sure it matches the doctor’s order.
  • The pharmacist releases the infusion to the nurse, who completes a double check with a 2nd nurse prior to administering it.

Amenities while you wait

Please arrive on time for your appointment, as we cannot begin to prepare your infusion until after the nurse has assessed you. Expect to wait about 20 minutes to half an hour while we prepare your infusion. During that time, you can relax, read a book, enjoy a snack, watch television or access our free WiFi.


Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Weekend and holiday care is provided at Lancaster General Hospital Medical Outpatient Unit on the second floor, between 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

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