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Suzanne H. Arnold Center for Breast Health

Advanced options for breast cancer diagnosis

If breast screening reveals a lump or other abnormality, our team works together to ensure you get the appropriate follow-up testing and consultation. You can count on our nurse navigators to guide you through the process. Through our Suzanne H. Arnold Center for Breast Health and affiliated imaging services, we offer a comprehensive range of breast diagnostics and are fully committed to providing you with timely and accurate results.

The Suzanne H. Arnold Center for Breast Health is designated by the American College of Radiology.


Digital mammography

Mammography is an X-ray procedure used to detect breast changes. Diagnostic mammograms focus on areas of concern identified in screening mammography. They may also be used for women who have had breast surgery or who have other breast-related symptoms. Using the latest digital mammography technology, we can provide fast, detailed results.

Breast ultrasound

This diagnostic imaging procedure uses the echoes from very high-frequency sound waves to allow your doctor to see whether the lump is a tumor, a fluid-filled cyst or inflammation of the breast tissue.

Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Lancaster General Health offers breast MRI in partnership with The MRI Group. We are the only breast MRI provider in the region accredited by the American College of Radiology. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, we can use this advanced technology to generate three-dimensional images that help determine the extent of the disease and detect any tumors that might be hidden. This information is useful in making decisions about surgical treatment.


To confirm whether cancer is present, it is necessary to remove a tissue sample and examine it under a microscope. This procedure is called a biopsy. Whenever possible, our doctors use minimally invasive biopsy procedures that offer minimal scarring, reduced pain and risk of infection, and shorter recovery times. Biopsy procedures we use include:

  • Affirm® prone (lying flat) biopsy, with 2D and 3D capabilities, offers superior image quality, efficiency and enhanced comfort
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy (mammography-guided core needle biopsy)
  • Ultrasound-guided needle biopsy
  • MRI-guided needle localization and biopsy
  • Open (surgical) biopsy, also called an excisional breast biopsy, such as a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy
  • Sentinel node biopsy, which uses radioactive dye injected near the tumor to determine whether the cancer has spread to the lymphatic system

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Contact the Suzanne H. Arnold Center for Breast Health at 717-544-0322.

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