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Lung Cancer


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Medical Therapies for Lung Cancer

Depending on the type and stage of your lung cancer, you may be given medications (chemotherapy, targeted biologic therapies, hormonal therapies, or supportive medications) to control your cancer. The pharmacists at our cancer pharmacy are trained and specialize in safe and accurate handling of all cancer-related medications.

Molecular medicine

Each person’s cancer cells are unique. Studying individual cancer cells at the molecular level is the foundation of personalized diagnosis and treatment for lung and other types of cancer. This aspect of cancer treatment is in its infancy, yet LG Health/Penn Medicine has already incorporated molecular diagnostics and treatment into our lung cancer program.


Chemotherapy may be taken orally or given intravenously (IV). Our cancer specialists review chemotherapy options, explaining each medication fully and answering any questions before selecting a treatment. Close monitoring, including regular physician examinations, helps increase safety for patients receiving chemotherapy. For IV chemotherapy, we provide an open, well-lit and comfortable Oncology Infusion Center staffed by caring nurse professionals who are trained and certified in chemotherapy administration and monitoring techniques.

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