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Patient Stories

Every year, nearly 2 million people hear the words, “You have diabetes.” Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes might feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With proper treatment and management, people with diabetes can reduce the risk of complications and live long, healthy lives.

Lancaster General Health helps people learn to live with diabetes every day. With resources like Diabetes & Endocrinology Specialists, the Diabetes & Nutrition Center and a robust Diabetes Online Community, we offer access to health care services and tools for making positive lifestyle changes. You can read some of our success stories here.

Joe Diaz

Joe Diaz was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004. Through his physician, he was referred to the Diabetes and Nutrition Center and met with Elizabeth Mammina-Dinchera, a dietitian at the center. Elizabeth helped Joe understand how to test his blood sugar levels and change his diet. At that time, Joe started going to the gym for exercise, however, he did little to change his diet as he felt fine. Joe’s wife, Maria, was frustrated as she repeatedly reminded Joe to eat healthier, but he did not take the initiative to make changes on his own. Read More...

Ellen Morse

Ellen Morse was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes on April 1, 2012 – no joke. She had gone to her family doctor for a physical, and the results of her fasting blood test showed that her blood sugar was high. After further testing, it was determined that she had diabetes. Ellen met with her doctor to discuss her treatment plan and decided to manage her diabetes through lifestyle changes instead of medicine.

She knew she needed all the help she could get, so she worked with her doctor to find support through the Diabetes and Nutrition Center. There, she registered for diabetes education classes at the Kissel Hill Outpatient Center. The classes were taught by Diabetes Educators, Jacqueline Roberts and Faye Fittery. Ellen said, "They were great communicators, well trained and they shared a wealth of information. I learned that I was not alone and that I would always have someone to answer my questions. Such a great resource right here in Lancaster County. I now know I can do this!"Read More...

Aston Dommel

Aston Dommel was a healthy 19-year-old who ate well and worked out two hours a day. He began to feel run down, was urinating a lot and had some cramping. He attributed this to switching shifts at work, but when he passed out while getting out of bed one day he knew he needed to see his doctor.

At his appointment, he realized he had also lost 30 pounds. His doctor immediately admitted him to the hospital and it was determined that he had diabetes. His blood sugar levels were off the charts and his ketones were elevated.Read More...


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