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EMS Week 2014

What better time than EMS Week to recognize the hundreds of emergency medical services providers throughout Lancaster County who devote their lives to serving our community. They grow their skills to adapt to the rapidly changing EMS environment with new techniques and technology. And they bring energy and passion – making an impact today and defining the future for patients in the years ahead.

It's EMS Week 2014! Lancaster General Health thanks you for your commitment and sacrifice. Whether you've devoted years to saving lives – or you are just beginning your career in the field – we honor your contributions to the bright future of EMS.

Click here for highlights from our May 18 EMS Appreciation Family Picnic

We're Building on a Bright Future

Elena Adams

Susquehanna Valley EMS since 2013

"I wanted to work in a field that allowed me to help other people and truly make a difference. Becoming an EMS provider has strengthened my passion of working in healthcare. My co-workers at SVEMS inspire me every day to be the best provider I can be."

Michael Fisher

White Horse Ambulance since 2010

"My family inspired me to become an EMT. It is a field of patients with physical and emotional pains that need cared for. Treat elderly patients the way you would want your parents or grandparents treated. Treat younger patients the way you would want your child to be cared for."

Tim Zook

White Horse Ambulance since 2010

Listening to the experiences of my brother and friends that are involved in EMS inspired me to join the field. It takes a lot of time and effort, but if you enjoy helping others, I would highly recommend it. There are times when your life may be at risk – but I would say it is well worth it."

Luke Dunn

Lancaster EMS since 2012

"Give EMS a try – you'll know immediately if it's right for you.  If you find you love it, you won't want to do anything else!"

Amanda Pugliese

Lancaster EMS since 2012

I loved listening to my brother's EMS stories and always looked up to his willingness to help others. Every day is different and it can be tiring, but if your heart is in it then going to work each day is fun. I want to become a police officer and continue to use my EMT as a part-time job."

Sharon Roseboro

Ephrata Ambulance since 2013

"My parents taught me to do all I can to help the sick and hurting. They were good examples and I want to be the same for my sons and grandchildren."

Watch a video from last year's picnic


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