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Recipe Corner

Healthy Recipes from Dr. McPhee's cookbook.

Black Bean Soup

This is probably my favorite soup. Real easy to make and a great source of protein. It's heavy enough to serve as a meal at soft puree stage of your recovery as well as later on. Make a big vat of it and freeze it away in portion sizes for the rest of the week.


The nice thing about making large amounts of food is freezing away the leftovers in portion sized bags for the rest of the week. This simple jambalaya recipe does just that. It's packed with protein in the shrimp, chicken and sausage. Brown rice is your healthy source for carbohydrates. Obviously this is a meal for later on in your recovery when you are comfortable eating different things all in the same meal. Just watch how fast you're eating, this stuff tastes great.


Thanksgiving Slider

I sort of just made this one up as I went along trying to create a healthy alternative to a hamburger. At first it was pretty bland when I was using bread crumbs to make the patty. Then I had this revelation that instead of using bread crumbs, why not stuffing? Like in a Thanksgiving meal. I personally am not a big fan of cranberry sauce but when I tried the sauce versus regular ketchup the sauce won - it was amazing. The tastes of the turkey and stuffing with the bite of cranberry sauce was outstanding. Try it with or without the bun depending on how you tolerate breads (could also toast the buns for better texture). But don't forget the cranberry sauce!

Turkey Chili

In most of my discussions with my patients on how to transition from the soft puree diet to sampling food with more consistency I recommend a good homemade chili. Cooked right it just melts in your mouth. Ground beef is a bit hard to take early in your recovery so the turkey makes a healthy substitute. My kids can't tell the difference. Make a big batch of this on a Sunday and put some away for meals the next week. Its easy to heat up.

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