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Healthy Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery





Preparing for Surgery

Pre-Admission Testing

After your surgery date is selected, you will also be scheduled to meet with our bariatric team physician for a medical history profile and physical. This appointment is usually scheduled 2-4 weeks prior to your surgery date.

You will have routine pre-operative blood work and testing done. At this time, the dietitian will also meet with you.

Our physician will review your medical studies and assess your current health and give you the medical clearance that is necessary for weight loss surgery.

Pre-Operative Preperation Checklist

Before your surgery you will need to:

  1. Provide a letter from your primary care physician recommending a consultation for weight loss surgery. This is a standard requirement for most health insurance plans to approve coverage for your weight loss surgery.

  2. Provide medical documentation of your weight history for the past five years. This documentation could come from your primary care physician, a commercial diet program or a personal trainer.

  3. Sign a medical disclosure release for all of your relevant past medical records.

  4. Complete our health analysis assessment.

  5. Provide a detailed diet attempt history with start and finish dates as well as program locations. Commercial program records are a plus if you are able to locate them.

  6. Demonstrate to our team an understanding of our Healthy Weight Management Program.

  7. Decide which surgical procedure is right for you. Our bariatric physician will help you chose which weight loss surgery is right for you at your consultation.

  8. Undergo pre-op evaluations with our:

    1. Bariatric Dietitian

    2. Exercise Physiologist

    3. Clinical Psychologist

  9. Complete the procedures and consultations recommended at your surgical consultation.

  10. Complete our recommended pre-op Healthy Weight Management educational seminar.

  11. Talk to our bariatric insurance specialist. Our specialist will detail what is covered and what is out-of-pocket before your surgery is scheduled.

  12. Complete a pre-op physical examination with our bariatric physician.

  13. Schedule a date for your surgery.

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