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Healthy Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery





Cost of Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a covered benefit under many health insurance plans.  However, some policies specifically exclude weight loss surgery as a covered benefit.

Lancaster General Health Physicians Healthy Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery offers the services of a bariatric insurance specialist to help you with the medical insurance pre-authorization, benefit verification and approval process.

Most health insurance providers have criteria to pre-determine whether you qualify for weight loss surgery benefits.

Does Your Health Insurance Provide Weight Loss Surgery As a Benefit?

Some insurance companies have specific benefit exclusions for some or all bariatric surgical procedures.

Before beginning the weight loss surgery journey, check with your health insurance provider to find if you have:

  1. Insurance coverage for weight loss surgery.

  2. To meet specific criteria determined by your insurance.

  3. What specific weight loss procedures are covered.

Your Human Resources representative may also be able to help you.

Getting Insurance Approved

In order to schedule a date for your surgery:

  1. You must have insurance approval or payment arrangements completed

  2. Your post-consult requirements must be completed and cleared by your bariatric surgeon.

  3. You must have attended the pre-operative Healthy Weight Management Seminars.

Depending on your health insurance provider, the insurance approval process may take several months.  Your surgery cannot be scheduled until written authorization from your provider is received.

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