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Linda's Story

I knew I needed to make a drastic change in my lifestyle...

I was born with severe hip dysplasia, and was told I’d never walk normally without assistive crutches...12 years of physical therapy and many pairs of orthopedic boots later, I was able to walk normally, but still had many leg problems. My whole life seemed to be ‘inactive’ – even as a young teen one of my favorite hobbies was watching old movies from the 30’s and 40’s – and I always was “the chubby kid”.

I never felt ‘full’ or satiated when eating, I just ate to the point of feeling like nothing else would go into my stomach. I had managed to keep my weight down through high school, but in college my weight ballooned up over 230 lbs. My eating was controlling my life. I couldn’t pass a fast food place without thinking of ‘just a soda’, or ‘just a burger’, and then getting a whole meal in it’s place.

In my mid-twenties, I took a nutrition course and began exercising and lost about 100 lbs. I kept it off for nearly two years. Then through a series of very traumatic events in my life, of which I had no control, I just gave up and gave in to my appetite. I was hiding food, and always eating in the car, My self-worth was at an all time low.

A series of health setbacks began in 2006. First, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It was advanced to the point that within one year I was no longer able to work and became disabled. Shortly after I was diagnosed with valve disease. I was on the verge of developing diabetes and found out that I had severe arthritis in both knees. Suddenly the pain of walking a flight of steps was intense. I became short of breath very easily.

My one enjoyment in life was still cooking and eating, as had been the case the entire 15 years of our marriage. My husband was used to having large homemade meals every night, with homemade desserts. I never realized how much food I tasted while cooking. I’d have a complete meal by the time I sat down to eat with my husband, and then proceed to ‘stuff’ myself.

I knew I needed to make a drastic change in my lifestyle, or diagnosis of diabetes was just around the corner and with the MS and multiple heart valve issues and severe arthritis in my knees, things were looking bleak. In January 2012, after attending a free info session discussing a non-surgical option to weight loss, I learned about the Medical Pathways program.

The staff at LG Health was amazing and I looked forward to seeing them every week. They were very straight forward about what this program could do for you, and what you would have to do for yourself to maintain the success. They were never too busy to answer my questions. Weigh-ins were positive experiences, because even if I had only lost 1 lb. (most weeks were 3-5 lbs.) They would say “Good job!”

Being in the ‘state of ketosis’ was awesome, because for the first time in my life, I was NOT hungry! Plus, it made you feel euphoric. Also, learning true portion sizes was very helpful.

One very important part of the program was learning how to adapt exercises to my situation. I do a lot of swimming now. It works for my knees, my balance issues with MS, and is resistance training.

There are so many things I can enjoy now that I could not do before. Working in my flower beds, walking up a flight of stairs, or getting dressed in the morning without feeling like a need a nap afterward. I’m doing laundry and cleaning again!! I feel like a true support to my husband, instead of a millstone around his neck.

And, it’s wonderful to not be embarrassed in a bathing suit!

I feel confident in myself, and my abilities and in presenting myself to others. I respect myself more than I did before.... It’s amazing how – not just losing the weight – but feeling healthier causes your outlook on life to 

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