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Nancy's Story

A Life-Changing Journey

"On February 11, 2009, I began the journey that would change my life. That was the day I had gastric bypass surgery," says Nancy Brosey.

"I was a 52-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother whose health was declining. I was morbidly obese, a pre-diabetic and on high blood pressure medication with absolutely no energy.

"I was so accustomed to feeling lousy that I wasn’t aware of how bad I felt. I have been on almost every diet available with only short term success. I knew I had to do something in order to save my life, and that is what The Healthy Weight Management Program at Lancaster General Health has done for me.

"Once I made the decision to move forward with the surgery, The Healthy Weight Management team was with me every step of my journey and to this day, continues to support me. I never would have been able to succeed without their knowledge, encouragement, understanding and caring.

I Now Feel Amazing

"I was never treated like 'just a patient,' but as someone they cared about. They have given me the tools I need to live a long, healthy, and productive life.

"Since losing the weight I now feel amazing and have more energy than I ever imagined, along with boosting my self esteem and confidence. Although my lifestyle has changed, and I will have to continue following the exercise and dietary guidelines, it is a path I am more than willing to take because the rewards make it all worth while.

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