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Patty's Story

I struggled with being overweight most of my life.

As a child we had to eat everything on our plate, and the food wasn't always the healthiest; at that time no one had any idea how to eat healthier things. We did "play" a lot and that gave us a lot of activity, but no structured exercise, except what we got in school. I was teased a lot by kids at school for being fat and ugly--it was a really tough childhood (they should see me now).

In my adult life I lost over 60 pounds twice, but I never had any encouragement or help that let me keep it off. I put it all back on and then some. I don’t want to blame anyone for my weight issue.  I have to take responsibility myself. I was able to realize through this program the issues that caused me to have a weight problem.

My son was the main person that encouraged me then, and he has given so much support with going through this weight loss journey, along with my husband now, some family support, and everyone with the bariatric program. 

About three years ago I met my wonderful husband on E Harmony and we both had a weight issue. We got married and we knew we wanted to spend a long, happy life together and be around for any grand kids that we might be blessed with in the future. Although we had no real health issues, I had a lot of family members that did. We knew that our age and weight could cause problems down the road. I knew a few people that had weight loss surgery and were successful, and we looked up some information on the computer, and found this wonderful program. We went to the informational seminar and decided this is what we wanted to do.

Dr. McPhee was the speaker at the informational seminar we attended. I was so impressed with him, so we chose him as our surgeon. He is such a caring person and I was very confident about having him do surgery; he was willing to help in any way he could. I have never thought twice about Dr. McPhee as my surgeon, and I've recommended him to others that might be thinking of having the surgery.

The entire staff at the program and the hospital, including the receptionist, was all very caring and helpful--I can’t thank them enough.  Every time we went to office for something, we were greeted by a kind and caring front desk staff member. That meant a lot to me.

Every part of this GREAT program was valuable. Everyone knew what they were talking about and they truly care about the patients. Everyone worked together to make my weight loss journey successful. I really get a lot out of the support meetings and bariatric club and I will continue to attend. I really like being able to help others out and I hope I can. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. McPhee and the entire program to others.

Now, I enjoy going shopping and not having to go in the plus part of the store. I also enjoy something as simple as going up a set of stairs without getting short of breath. I enjoy feeling better about myself and looking good (at least I think I do.) I enjoy being able to take a walk, and exercise without getting short of breath or feeling embarrassed about how I look. I’m happier, healthier, and I can honestly say I like myself. I know looks aren't everything, but when you struggle most of your life with weight issues, looks are very important, for both physical and mental health.

I have NEVER regretted my decision to check this program out and to follow everyone’s advice. I know if I ever have any questions or issues or need help, everyone in this GREAT program will be there for me. I am so thankful to them for helping me in my weight loss journey. THANK YOU doesn't seem like enough! EVERYONE was GREAT, THANKS!

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