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Sergio's Story

I have been heavy all my life.

My heaviest was 360 pounds in 2004. I went on the South Beach Diet at that time and lost well over 85 pounds, but the weight did not remain off, although I never reached the 360 pound mark. I led a sedentary lifestyle sitting around and snacking out of boredom. I did not enjoy exercise since I felt out of place at gyms (fat man working out?), so I avoided working out.

I did not intend to have bariatric surgery when I attended the first information session. I attended only to get information. It was afterwards, after talking it over with my wife, that I made the decision to have bariatric surgery. Being a newlywed and not a spring chicken I wanted to spend a lot of quality years with my wife and I knew that I was pressing my luck (health-wise). I realized that, up until then, I’d been very lucky with my health. I did have marginally high blood pressure and an arthritic knee.

From the receptionist at BPS to the dietitians, nurses, exercise physiologists, doctors, the rest of the BPS staff and all the folks at LG Health were extraordinarily kind, nice and helpful! I’d recommend both the BPS program and LGH to everyone / anyone! I found all of the program components helpful. They complimented each other.

As odd as it may sound I actually enjoy eating more now then I did before. When we go out to eat we can sit comfortably at a booth, which we could not do before.

Shopping for clothes and not having to look in the plus size area is great! I no longer get out of breath going up flights of stairs and I am more fit and healthy now then I have been in decades! I recently had a total left knee replacement (at LGH) and the recovery time was a good bit less now that I weigh less! I feel great!

I would highly recommend both Dr. McPhee , BPS and LG Health! The support we received was excellent!

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