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Traci's Story

I relish in my happiness and enjoy waking up every morning...

My struggle with weight loss was what I was known for. This struggle consumed me, my life, and my happiness for too long and I couldn’t take it any longer. It was time to make a change and take control of my life. Growing up in an active household meant that most of my meals were on the go and it didn’t leave a lot of nights with a well-balanced meal around the table. Unfortunately when this active lifestyle ended, the poor eating habits didn’t and it eventually caught up to me.


My final decision to pursue gastric bypass surgery happened in the fall of 2011 after my beloved nephew commented on how much he loved my squishy belly. I had already completed the pre-op classes and requirements in the summer but was unsure about the surgery and emotionally wasn’t ready. Once my nephew innocently made those comments, I knew it was time.


My pre-surgical process was different than that of most patients. In addition to a six-month monitored diet, I was required to complete extra counseling with the psychologist to develop a better toolbox of coping mechanisms aside from food. Within these appointments I was able to identify reasons as to why I had those coping mechanisms and establish new, healthy coping mechanisms. At first I was upset that BPS required these extra sessions but in the end these sessions fully prepared me for life after surgery in regards to the emotional aspect.


In December 2011, I underwent gastric bypass with Dr. James Ku. Dr. Ku and his staff were wonderful. Each appointment left me with a pleasant reassurance that I was making the right choice and if I was ever in doubt, I knew I could confide in anyone at BPS for help. I was especially grateful for Dr. Jennifer Collins and her guidance through my maze of coping mechanisms, emotional eating, and deep-rooted problems. This was the absolute, most valuable component of the program for me. I knew that each appointment would help me reach my end goal: a healthier me! I could never thank Dr. Ku and the staff at LG Health enough for their encouragement and guidance through the surgical process.


Now my life has changed dramatically. Prior to weight loss I wasn’t worthy. I wasn’t worthy of people’s attention or happiness, and deserved all the bad that came into my life. Now, I relish in my happiness and enjoy waking up every morning and living my life with purpose. I have purpose! I also enjoy working out because now, with the help of gastric bypass, I see results.


I am finally on the road to being the person that I know I’m meant to be. I have more energy and am healthier to enjoy other activities I have changed from focusing on the negative to only accepting the positive. I feel that my proactive approach, along with my innocent nephew have opened my eyes and saved my life!


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