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Our surgeons are skilled in all aspects of cardiothoracic surgery including coronary bypass, heart valve replacement and lung surgery. We have particular expertise in a number of complex operations such as heart valve repair (rather than replacement with artificial valves), surgery for abnormal heart rhythms, surgery for cancer of the esophagus and upper stomach, surgery for aneurysms of the thoracic aorta and correction of congenital chest wall deformities. We are fully certified to perform many other surgical procedures as well.

Cardiovascular surgery

Cardiac surgery refers to an operation on the heart which most commonly utilizes cardiopulmonary bypass (i.e. the heart-lung machine). The heart-lung machine consists of a specialized pump which temporarily substitutes for the pumping function of the heart and an oxygenator device which replaces the function of the lungs. This machine allows our surgeons to transiently empty and stop the heart from beating, so that meticulous operations can be performed. A perfusionist is a specialized member of the surgical team who operates the heart-lung machine during open heart surgery. Our team of perfusionists offers the most state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that the conduct of cardiopulmonary bypass is as safe as possible for our patients. Our surgeons utilize various techniques to optimally preserve heart function during the course of the operation. Read More

Thoracic surgery

Removal of Lung Cancer
A Thoracotomy is most often performed to remove lung cancer. It involves making an incision between ribs to gain access to the lung cavity. Removal of a lung tumor may require a wedge resection, or lobectomy (removal of a lung lobe) or pneumonectomy (removal of the entire lung). At the time of thoracotomy for cancer, sampling of lymph nodes is done for tumor staging and to assess the need for additional treatment. Read More

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