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Preventive Cardiology & Apheresis Clinic

Preventive Cardiology and
Lipid Apheresis Clinic

The preventive cardiology team at Lancaster General Health helps people of all ages lower their risk of cardiovascular disease by managing risk factors, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking and other lifestyle choices.


In addition, we are one of only a few private practices in the nation to offer on-site lipid apheresis treatment for people with extremely high cholesterol levels who do not respond to or cannot tolerate cholesterol-lowering drugs. The treatment works by passing the patient's blood through columns that absorb LDL cholesterol. By providing this service in our offices, we provide a comfortable and relaxed alternative to hospital settings.

Our cardiologists meet with patients one-on-one and also schedule shared medical appointments, which enable patients to spend more time with their physician. Shared medical appointments offer all the same services as a regular appointment, with the added benefit of allowing patients to learn from the questions and comments of others.

Preventive Cardiology and Apheresis Clinic Team

  • Dr. Rolf L. Andersen
  • Dr. Scott J. Deron
  • Dr. Joseluis Ibarra
  • Tina Davis, CRNP


  • Lipid apheresis treatment
  • Risk prevention
  • Education
  • Lifestyle modification, including exercise and nutrition
  • Screening program

Learn more about Cholesterol, Hyperlipidemia, and Lipid Apheresis at the American Heart Association website and the American College of Cardiology.

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