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Patient Stories

Two journeys of the heart

Mike and LG Health/Penn Medicine: A life-saving partnership

Christmas 2014 is one Mike and Deb Trinkley would just as soon forget. When most families were opening presents, Mike was fighting for his life at Lancaster General Hospital. He had suffered a heart attack—his second one—and was told he needed a heart transplant.

That's when LG Health cardiologist Dr. Mark Etter called his colleagues at Penn Medicine.  Read more...


Back in the swing after heart surgeries and rehab: John’s story

John’s story begins in March 2005 when his wife, Patti, was undergoing treatment for liver cancer. At her side in the hospital, John experienced severe shortness of breath. He took himself to the emergency room, and was subsequently admitted to the cardiac ICU with a diagnosis of severe congestive heart failure.

Patti died two days later. John was discharged the following day with the directive from the attending physicians to see a cardiologist for follow-up care and a pacemaker implant. After Patti’s funeral, he was faced with the task of taking care of his own health. He spoke to family and friends and chose The Heart Group. Read more…

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