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Discharge Criteria

  1. Patient achieves the goals of the program and/or is ready to progress to a higher level of care such as vocational training/intervention.

  2. Patient no longer requires the intensive treatments provided by the Neurological Day Treatment Program.

  3. Patient demonstrates minimal to no improvements within the established time period. This takes into consideration illness, short-term absences and patient compliance to program.

  4. Patient has received maximum benefit of therapy.

  5. Patient experiences medical problems or other complications during the program that prevent them from benefiting from continued service.

  6. Patient/family self discharge.

  7. Physician discharges patient.

  8. Patient is unable to comply with recommendations.

  9. Patient’s behavior disrupts others’ treatment and accommodations are ineffective.

  10. Appropriate environment for non-program hours is no longer available.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Day Treatment Program Nurse Case Manager at 544-3287.

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