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Headache Rehabilitation Program

Headache Rehabilitation Program

The Headache Rehabilitation Program at LG Health addresses the unique needs of individuals with headache, migraine and headache-related oral/facial pain conditions. Our program is designed to empower you to:

  • Reduce the amount of medicine necessary to control your headaches
  • Decrease headache severity, frequency and duration
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Self-manage your headache symptoms

Our services

  • Comprehensive headache evaluation
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy
    • Neuromuscular re-education with biofeedback
    • Ergonomic evaluation
    • Exercise
    • Manual therapy, including therapeutic massage and other techniques to improve head and neck movement
    • Patient education on techniques to decrease pain
    • Training to improve posture
    • Vestibular rehab to restore balance and decrease motion sickness or dizziness
    • Vision screening
  • Neuropsychology
    • Biofeedback/relaxation training
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy to address health behaviors related to pain
    • Psychological evaluation and treatment to address mental health conditions that contribute to pain

The headache rehab team

Our multidisciplinary team includes a headache specialist (medical director) physical therapists, occupational therapists and a clinical psychologist.

In addition to the rehabilitation team, the LG Health Wellness Department offers a variety of Mind-Body-Fitness programs to help people manage headache symptoms. For more information visit Classes and Events.

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