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The Joint Replacement Coach’s Guide

Thank you for assisting your family member or friend through the joint replacement experience. Here is a checklist to help you in your role:

Before surgery

  • Attend the orthopedic consultation, pre-operative appointments, and joint replacement class
  • Review the Joint Replacement Handbook with the patient
  • Assist with preoperative exercises
  • Assist in preparing the home for after surgery

In the hospital

  • Attend therapy sessions and provide encouragement
  • Ask the staff and patient for updates
  • Encourage the patient to ask for pain medications when needed
  • Learn how to care for the incision, and recognize signs of infection
  • Understand and reinforce joint precautions
  • Discuss discharge plans and arrange for transportation home

At home

  • Assist in following discharge instructions and precautions
  • Encourage daily home exercises
  • Encourage increased activity and independence each day
  • Monitor pain levels, which should decrease overtime
  • Prepare healthy meals
  • Drive the patient to appointments until driving restrictions are lifted by the surgeon
  • Offer support on all progress

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