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Physical and Occupational Therapy

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Physical and occupational therapy are integral parts of your post-surgical recovery process. The first session of therapy will be held in the morning the day after your surgery. We will work closely with you and your support system to challenge you to your highest level of independence and prepare you for your post-acute recovery.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy will provide a combination of department and bedside therapies. A main focus with occupational therapy is regaining independence in the tasks of bathing and dressing post surgery. A member of the occupational therapy team will join you in your morning routine to train you in adaptive equipment for bathing and dressing as necessary. Therapies provided in the gym with occupational therapy will focus on transferring in and out of the tub/shower, car and bed as well as kitchen mobility as needed for your return to home.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy will work with you on regaining your range of motion and strength in your operated extremity. They will also assist you in becoming independent in aspects of mobility including standing up from seated surfaces, walking and negotiating stairs. The majority of these services are given in the gym.

Outpatient locations with Physical Therapy services

Post-acute recovery

The healing process continues outside the gym. You will be encouraged to complete routine tasks on your own to prepare for your discharge. Simple activities like sitting in a chair for meals, dressing in your own clothes and walking to the restroom with nursing are all activities you will be encouraged to take part in. 

Our team of therapists will assist you in obtaining equipment such as a walker, crutches or bathroom equipment in preparation for discharge as applicable.

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