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DXA Scan

What to Expect

Making safety a top priority

Like other X-rays, or radiographs, DEXA scanning uses radiation to produce images. Healthcare providers around the world have found that the benefits of DEXA scans and other diagnostic imaging exams outweigh the small risk of radiation exposure. Lancaster General Health is committed to maximizing quality while working hard to minimize the risk for our patients of all ages.

>> Learn more about radiation safety at LG Health

What to expect

You will lie on your back on a scan table. You can usually keep your street clothes on. You won’t feel anything as the machine scans your bones. The test usually takes about 20 minutes. 

How to prepare

Wear clothes without metal buttons or buckles that could interfere with the scan. You may also need to remove any jewelry. Be sure to tell your doctor and the technologist if you could be pregnant.

Getting your results

The technologist is not permitted to discuss test results with you. Physicians from Arthritis & Rheumatology Specialists will interpret the study and forward results to your doctor.

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